What is Sidekicks AI & How it works

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Are you someone with wild and innovative ideas? Look no further! Introducing Sidekicks AI, a groundbreaking platform that allows you to bring your ideas to life. This platform hosts holographic AI assistants that can be customized based on your specific requirements. Sidekicks AI is not just a tool, it’s a team of experts ready to support and guide you in turning your craziest ideas into reality. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, or professional, Sidekicks AI is your go-to platform for innovation.

About Sidekicks AI

Sidekicks AI is a unique platform designed to cater to learners, experimenters, and professionals from all walks of life. It offers a range of features and services that empower users to explore their ideas and achieve their goals. With the support of a team of experts, Sidekicks AI helps individuals succeed in their entrepreneurial journey and supports inventors in bringing their innovations to life.

Sidekicks AI Features

Sidekicks AI offers a wide array of features to cater to its diverse user base. Some of its key features include:

  1. Customizable Assistant: Users have the freedom to customize their holographic assistants to suit their preferences and requirements.

  2. Simplifying Complex Subjects: Sidekicks AI simplifies complex subjects like Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering, making them more enjoyable and easier to understand.

  3. Enhanced Business Interactions: The assistant can be used as a chatbot to facilitate better communication between businesses and their clients, improving customer interactions.

  4. Language Learning: Sidekicks AI helps users learn and improve their language skills in a fun and engaging way.

  5. Cross-Platform Compatibility: The platform is compatible with all devices – mobile, tablet, and desktop – ensuring seamless user experience across different platforms.

Sidekicks AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Sidekicks AI has real-life applications across various domains. Here are some examples of how it can be used:

  1. Business Events and Exhibitions: Companies can utilize Sidekicks AI to host events or exhibitions, enhancing engagement and interaction with participants.

  2. Product Launches and Meetings: The holographic assistant can be used to make announcements, present information, and facilitate smoother meetings and presentations.

  3. Educational Support for Students: Students can leverage Sidekicks AI to practice skills, understand complex topics, and receive guidance for assignments and projects.

  4. Interactive Engagement for Children: The assistant can entertain children and keep them engaged while parents are occupied with work.

Sidekicks AI Pricing

Sidekicks AI offers various pricing options depending on the usage and customization level. The pricing structure starts at $99, providing access to a range of functionalities. However, customized plans may vary in price. To get detailed information about the pricing structure, it is recommended to contact the sales support team.


Q: Can I use Sidekicks AI for studying?
A: Absolutely! Sidekicks AI is an excellent tool for students. It can act as a coach, helping you learn subjects, guiding you through assignments, and even assisting in project development.

Q: Can I use Sidekicks AI on my mobile device?
A: Yes! Sidekicks AI is a versatile cross-platform assistant. It can be used on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as on desktop computers.

Q: How can Sidekicks AI benefit my business?
A: Sidekicks AI has numerous applications for businesses. It can serve as an assistant during meetings, facilitate product launches, act as a chatbot for customer service, and even host events on behalf of your company.

Q: Does Sidekicks AI invest in ideas?
A: Sidekicks AI is always eager to explore and invest in innovative ideas. If you have a unique idea, reach out to them, and if they find it exciting, they will provide guidance and potential investment to help you bring your idea to fruition.

Q: What are some experiments by Sidekicks AI?
A: Sidekicks AI has been involved in various experiments and inventions, including the Perfect Day Lab, Athena Armor, Fart Diffuser, and AI T-shirt.


Sidekicks AI is the perfect platform for transforming your imaginative ideas into reality. Share your ideas with the Sidekicks AI team and witness their expertise in helping you turn those ideas into tangible successes. Harness the power of their holographic assistant for your business, studies, and other innovative tasks today.

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