What is Placer AI & How it Works


Placer AI is an innovative AI tool that provides true insights into any property based on foot traffic data. With the ability to analyze properties across the USA, Placer AI offers valuable information about competition, visiting behavior, the potential to find new tenants, and consumer trends in specific locations.

About Placer AI

At Placer AI, the importance of making informed decisions before considering a location for your business. Our AI-powered tool helps retailers, investors, and business organizations gain customer insights and evaluate the value of a location.

Placer AI Features

Placer AI offers a range of features that are essential for businesses and investors to identify and understand consumer metrics. Here are some key features of our tool:

  1. Purchase Behavior and Prediction Models: Placer AI provides information about customer purchase behavior and generates prediction models to help businesses make strategic decisions.

  2. Marketing Campaign Analysis: Our tool analyzes your marketing campaigns and measures their effectiveness in driving sales and customer engagement.

  3. Competition Analysis: Placer AI helps identify the competition for new products or services in a specific area, allowing businesses to plan their strategies accordingly.

  4. Trade Detection and Investment Opportunities: With Placer AI, businesses can detect trades and identify investment opportunities, enabling them to make informed decisions.

  5. Regional Customer Attraction and Purchasing Behavior: Our tool offers insights into which regions attract local and regional customers the most, along with their purchasing behavior.

  6. Comprehensive Reports: Placer AI generates detailed reports that include customer demographics, consumer preferences, store rankings, average monthly traffic, and much more.

Placer AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Placer AI is an ideal tool for obtaining consumer insights across various industries. Here are some practical applications of our tool:

  • Investors: Investors can use Placer AI to determine the potential profitability of their investment in a property.

  • Retailers: Retail businesses can utilize Placer AI to assess customer traffic in specific regions and make informed decisions about store locations and expansion strategies.

  • Businesses: Placer AI helps businesses identify the level of interest customers have in their products or services, allowing them to tailor their offerings based on consumer behavior.

Placer AI Pricing

At Placer AI, we offer customized pricing solutions based on your industry and specific requirements. To get a pricing solution tailored to your needs, please contact our support team. Alternatively, you can try our platform for free before reaching out to our sales team for an ideal pricing solution for your company.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Placer AI:

  1. Does Placer AI allow unlimited users on a plan? Yes, if you purchase a subscription plan from Placer AI, you can add unlimited users to your account at no additional cost.

  2. What is the minimum subscription cost for Placer AI? Placer AI doesn’t have a base plan. Customized plans are created based on users’ requirements, so the price can vary depending on the industry and specific needs.

  3. Does Placer AI offer licenses for students or individuals? Placer AI is designed for companies and teams and doesn’t currently offer individual or student licenses. However, you can try the free version for research purposes, keeping in mind that it has limited features compared to the full edition.

  4. Does Placer AI have monthly subscription plans? Placer AI provides annual subscription plans that renew every 12 months. Monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual plans are not available.

  5. Can I share Placer AI generated reports with others? Yes, Placer AI allows companies to download and share reports with other companies or employees. Reports can be downloaded in PDF format, including dashboard views, analytics, and insights, and shared with anyone.


Placer AI is a powerful tool for businesses to gain valuable consumer insights before making property purchases or investments. With Placer AI, you can determine the potential profitability of any location and understand consumer behavior in specific regions.

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